Sindh produces around 0.4m tonnes mangoes

Sindh produces around 0.4m tonnes mangoes

Sindh produces 0.4m tonnes mangoes

KARACHI: Sindh produces nearly 400,000 tonnes mangoes annually, and around 40 percent of the total production is exported to different countries, Provincial Minister for Agriculture Ali Nawaz Shah informed this to the Sindh Assembly on Thursday during question hour.

According to him, the average production of mangoes during the last five years is 368,676 metric tonnes. He gave a year-wise break up of last five years of the production.According to the minister about 221,206 metric tonnes of mangoes are consumed locally, which is 60 percent of the local produce. He confirmed that Sindhri variety is the best exportable commodity from Sindh.He said that there are 84 commercial varieties grown in Sindh and displayed at mango festival held every year in Mirpurkhas. According to him the number of desi varieties are of 180 various types and colours.

Those include Almas, Anwar-Ratol, Anmol, Batli, Barsha, Bagan pali, Bombay Alphanso, Badami, Bahee, Chausa, Collector Chiho, Cluster, Creeper, Carabao, Dusehri, Dusehri Kalan, Dilpasand, Flourigan, Fajri, Fazli, Ghulab Khasa, Gedri, Qulkand, Glass, Ghulam Mohd Wala, Hamam Parshad, hathi Jhoal, Hyderabadi Koti, Jamadar, Jagirdar, Ketki, Kala Aphoos, Khirol, Khushnima, Kathkar, Katch Mitha Bhagulpuri, Langra, Lal Pata, Latra, Lal Bdshah, Labe Mashooque, Lahotia, Mal Gua, Malda, Multani gola, Multani big, Manila Philippines, Mehran, Multani Black, Nayab, Namdokmai, Nellum, Pairy big, Padam small, Pano Aqil, Philippine, Padam big, Pairy small, Patasho, Rampuri, R2E2, Saleh Bhai, Siroli black, Siroli white, Sabez Posh, Swarnarika, Samad, Sindh Aphoos, Safeda, Surkha, Shahansha,, Sindhri, Sher Shah, Sindh Sadhar, Summer Bhisht Chausa, Temoria, Tota pori, Tamancho, yakta, Zulefe bangal, Zamard, Zafran, Zardalo.

Mangoes production and export:

Production of mangoes during last five years:

Year : Area (Hectare) : Production (MT)

2005-06 : 50,000 : 352,400

2006-07: 50,700: 353,400

2007-08: 52,100: 369,100

2008-09: 55,800: 390,500

2009-10: 59,500: 378,978

Quantity of mangoes exported in 2008-09:

Year: Quantity (MT): Value in million rupees

2008-09: 42,669: 1394,151

2009-10: 45,124: 1495,660 – Dailytimes