Ijaz working for ISI, claims ex-Raw chief

Ijaz working for ISI, claims ex-Raw chief

Mansoor IjazNEW YORK: A former chief of Indian intelligence agency has claimed that Mansoor Ijaz has links with ISI and was working for it.

“My guess is he may have been working for many agencies. But he was certainly working for the ISI. There is no doubt about it,” former R&AW chief A. S. Dulat told Sheela Bhatt of Rediff.com, an Indian news portal headquarters in Mumbai, with an office in New York.Elaborating Daulat said, “In an interview he (Ijaz) talks about the ISI being out of control. He says that is what prompted both that memo and also what he wrote recently for The Financial Times.“If that is so, then, why did he spend four hours in some hotel in London with the DG of ISI?

“If the ISI is out of control, then what is he doing with the DG, ISI? Why is he hobnobbing with the ISI?So obviously you know whatever other agency he works for, he’s definitely got a good link with the ISI. That is Mansoor Ijaz.”QUESTION: At whose behest did he trap Haqqani into dictating the memo?ANSWER: I think on his own initiative. It is not the question of who wanted to trap Haqqani.Haqqani was possibly on the ISI or the Pakistan military radar for a long time. They were not very happy with him.And you know that with regard to American financial aid also, there was an issue as to why the military was left out.

Considering that this memo was given to Admiral Mike Mullen, I don’t think the Pakistani military had been very happy with Mullen’s outburst before he left office. All this has contributed to the event. If the American chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has been so critical of the Pakistani military, then what is their ambassador doing in Washington?

QUESTION: That means Ijaz is most likely helping the Pakistan army by exposing Haqqani? Correct?ANSWER: Absolutely. That’s why I’m saying that although he claims that the ISI was out of control and that the ISI was getting too big for its boots. Actually he was hobnobbing with the ISI. So he was playing….QUESTION: Games with Haqqani?ANSWER: Yes, games within games within games. And my feeling is that he may have fooled both sides. I don’t know what prompted him to write the FT article and leak the story. That’s why I’m saying that in Pakistan everything is a mystery.“Mansoor Ijaz is a smooth operator. I am not surprised he fooled us or anybody,” Daulat added. – Nation