Thar coal, energy projects in motion

Thar coal, energy projects in motion

Thar Coal Energy ProjectMIRPURKHAS: The work on Thar Coal and Energy Project is in full swing as out of four, the study on two blocks of the project has been completed and the study on remaining two is being carried out with rapid pace.

The execution work on the project from two companies is expected to be carried out by next June 2012 while the project would start power generation by 2013-2014, Sindh Secretary for Coal and Energy Department Younus Dhaga informed the official media here the other day.He informed that number of national and international companies have expressed their interests of investment on other blocks of the project.He said that after power generation, Thar Coal and Energy Project would not only fulfil the energy requirement of the country but gradually it would enable to export in future.

When asked about taking more time in generation, the Secretary said that actually the coal reserves are in depth varying from 100 to 200 meters requiring time for excavation and removal of waste.He said that this project would not only fulfil the energy requirement of the country but also create job opportunities and other business activities particularly in Tharparkar and generally in Sindh province and subsequently raise purchasing power of the people.He informed that a number of schemes of laying infrastructure are in the way to make the project successful.

Giving details of some major schemes, he informed that PC-I for construction-reconstruction of road from Karachi to Thatta, Badin, Mitthi and Islamkot with its estimated cost of Rs. 4.5 billion have been submitted for approval and it will be approved shortly. Similarly, he said another scheme for disposal of waste water from excavated coal mines has been approved with estimated cost of Rs. 3.5 billion.

He said PC-I of another major scheme of laying transmission line from Islamkot to Matiari prepared by Water and Power Development Authority have also been submitted for approval and it is expected that work on the said scheme would be started in December 2011. Responding to the question about utilization of effluent of L.B.O.D in Thar Coal Energy Project, he said that study on this scheme is in progress and execution work could be started in February 2011.

He said that according to the scheme the water coming through L.B.O.D. would be utilized for Thar Coal and Energy Development Project after its treatment at the point of store.He said that this water would be stored at RD-362 of L.B.O.D. near Nabisir where it would be treated and supplied to Islamkot. He concluded that the project would be proved a project of prosperity for the country. – Brecorder