ADB for maintaining quality standards through public private partnership

ISLAMABAD: Asian Development Bank (ADB) has underscored the importance of maintaining quality standards through public private partnership (PPP).According to a report released by ADB, the Pakistan Urban Forum 2011 provided an opportunity to urban sector experts,policy makers, investors, academia, and the civil society to sit across and debate the challenges and development opportunities facing Pakistan’s rapidly growing urban sector.The forum held recently in Lahore, was organized by The Urban Unit based in the Planning and Development Department of the government of Punjab.

The ADB along with other development partners actively participated in the discussions and shared institutional lessons related to the sector from Pakistan and around the region.The ADB funded North Sindh Urban Services Company (NSUSC) presented its innovative regional urban utility model which for the first time in Pakistan introduced a self-sustaining corporate governance structure at the regional and or secondary cities level.The regional urban services utility is one of its kind that is registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Managing Director Tariq Mahmood and former project director of the Sindh improvements cities, Hanif Channa elaborated on the key features of the utility and reforms initiated by the company to ensure a customer focused and efficient service delivery systems and mechanisms.The participants belonging to different walks of life took keen interest in various aspects of the two-stage reform process undertaken by the utility particularly with the reference to the modalities related to private sector participation and the joint venture approach. – Brecorder