Reduction in gas supply from fields creating gap

ISLAMABAD: The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has issued gas curtailment plan for the CNG sector to overcome widening gap between supply and demand.The company says reduction in supplies from different gas fields supplying gas to SNGPL’s network was creating huge gap between demand and supply.As a result, the company says an effective gas load management plan had been worked to ensure equitable distribution of gas to all sectors.According to the plan 20 percent reduction was being made in gas supply to fertilizer sector, similarly three days gas holiday per week would be observed by the CNG sector and three days by the industrial sector.The plan says in Lahore, Sheikhupura, Sahiwal, Multan and Gujranawala regions gas holidays shall be observed for three consecutive days on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.While in Faisalabad, Islamabad and Bahawalpur regions gas closure shall be observed for three consecutive days on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.Meanwhile, the All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Association is mulling over future strategy against the decision to stop in a week, gas supply for three-days in Punjab and two days in Sindh.

The association is holding a meeting to be attended by all zonal, regional and divisional representatives to muster up support of transporters and masses to register a strong protest against the decision of CNG load shedding.Chairman supreme council of the association Giyas Abduallah Paracha says these anti-public measures did not serve to promote policy of reconciliation rather it was forcing to launch protest.He alleged there was no gas shortage in the country but some elements of vested interest were trying to discourage the CNG sector.He said that such conspiracy will fail as the CNG was a fuel of the poor people and million of vehicles were run by the same.He said the government was needed to take solid steps for promotion of the CNG sector to provide inexpensive mode of transportation to the people and keep the economic wheel moving. – Brecorder