Supplementary Grants in manageable range

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh told the National Assembly Supplementary Grants of Rs. 387 billion that also included last year’s tariff subsidy of Rs. 120 billion were in manageable range and showed financial discipline of the government.”Nothing is new in the Supplementary Grants, and nothing is hidden,” the minister said after Opposition members criticized the government for taking excessive money.Hafeez Shaikh expressed disappointment over wrong presentation of figures by Opposition members in connection with allocation of funds to certain departments.He apprised the House additional amount had been sought for Higher Education Commission, Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority and the new government of Gilgit-Baltistan.He drew attention to the transfer of certain ministries and departments after devolution plan, and said it was a legal requirement to show charge expenditure separately.He informed Supplementary Grants for PM and President houses aimed at adjusting the salaries of employees working there. Their salaries were raised along with other employees, so they had the right, he added.The minister said except for Rs. 48 billion and Rs 2.5 billion for power sector and security situation respectively, there was nothing new in Supplementary Grants.