Exhibition of Pakistani mangoes in The Netherlands

LONDON: The 8th edition of the annual exhibition of Pakistani mangoes will be organised in Dutch capital The Hague on June 29.The event has been arranged by the Commercial Wing of the Embassy of Pakistan, with the support of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, at Chamber of Commerce The Hague, as per information received by APP on Thursday.In the exhibition, there will be more than 10 varieties of Pakistani mangoes on display and available for tasting. Besides a display of mangoes set up by the Commercial Wing of the Embassy, 7 leading suppliers/exporters of mangoes from Pakistan will be showcasing their products.

and chain stores dealing in fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, the diplomatic ctrade visitors will include the wholesalers, distributors, importers, retailers , the dignitaries from the Dutch Government and the consumers especially from the Pakistani expatriate community are expected to visit the exhibition.Pakistan is the 6th largest producer of mangoes in the world and Pakistani mangoes are increasingly becoming popular in the Dutch market.  Pakistani mango is being imported by the Dutch fresh produce importers and distributed to the rest of Europe, besides the Dutch market itself.Though, currently, Pakistani mangoes are being imported into Europe exclusively by air, there have been trial shipments of mangoes by sea.

In 2010, Solfruit International Ridderkerk, imported a trial shipment of mango by sea with satisfactory results. Ten such shipments by sea have been planned for 2011.The mango exhibition on 29th June is aimed at showcasing the different varieties of Pakistani mangoes for the Dutch importers and wholesalers.Tariq Iqbal Puri, Chief Executive, TDAP said that The Netherlands is a gateway to Europe for the fruits trade and is the world’s second largest importer and re-exporter of mangoes.“During the current year, we have embarked upon a comprehensive promotion plan for mango promotion which includes, a mango exhibition on 29th June in Hague, an in-store promotion of mangoes in Hanos one of the largest chain stores in Europe specializing in restaurant supplies, visit of a delegation of Pakistani fruits exporters to The Netherlands,” he added.Pakistan envoy in Holland, Aizaz Chaudhry, said:  “Pakistani mango is famous for its appealing colour, enticing aroma and delicious taste,but so far it is mainly consumed in the South Asian ethnic segment of the market.

However, there is a growing demand and consumption of Pakistani mangoes in the mainstream market as well.”Speaking about the exhibition, Commercial Counsellor Muhammad Ashraf said: “We have been implementing an aggressive marketing strategy to promote Pakistani mangoes in the mainstream market.The mango exhibition is being organised as an annual event in The Netherlands for the last three years, with special emphasis on making it a trade event to provide a meeting platform for mango exporters from Pakistan and the importers in The Netherlands.”“We are working on strategy to develop the taste for Pakistani mangoes in the mainstream market. With a consistent strategy during the last two years,the exports of Pakistani mango to The Netherlands have increased by 43%,” adding Pakistani mango is now available at more than 100 stores in The Netherlands. – APP