Rs509.442mn allocated for Information Technology

ISLAMABAD: An amount of Rs509.442 million has been allocated for Information and Technology in the fiscal year 2011-12 for its ongoing and new projects.

Under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) released here on Friday, the estimated cost of 53 ongoing projects is Rs3830.763 million. The expenditure of the projects upto June 2011 is Rs2348.688 million while the total allocation for these projects is Rs464.192 million.

The new schemes introduced in the budget are ‘Strengthening of Pakistan IT Industry on CMMI Phase II, Establishment of Pakistan Urdu Internet Registry (ccTCL), Center of Excellence in Advanced Software Technologies and Open Source (COEASTOS), Islamabad, Campus Management System and Installation of Server Infrastructure for National Defence University, Islamabad, Professional Excellence of Pakistan Computer Bureau and IT Human Resource Support to Ministries/Department (Phase II) Islamabad – Brecorder