DIBPL launches ‘cash manager account’

KARACHI: Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) has launched the first ever ‘Cash Manager Account’ facility for corporate customers with a free of cost countrywide pick and drop cash service in a safe manner from their doorstep.According to DIBPL press release here on Monday, this product will enable the business segment comprising of retailers, schools and small and medium size enterprises to manage their payments and collections in an efficient manner, allowing them to give more time to their other business priorities.DIBPL CEO Junaid Ahmed said that with this unique cash pick and drop service, DIBPL customers can free themselves from the hassle of visiting the branch for making large deposits.

The Bank will pick up cash right from the customers’ doorstep and deposit it into their account in a safe and secure manner’, he added.With 59 branches in 26 cities across Pakistan, DIBPL also has one of the most advanced and state of the art 24/7 alternate distribution channels which include automatic teller machines (ATMs), cash deposit machines (CDMs), phone banking, SMS banking, Internet and mobile Internet banking.Junaid Ahmed pointed out that through free payroll management service, customers can avoid writing cheques as DIBPL will automatically disburse salaries into the employee accounts each month.Moreover, the employees can enjoy free ATM/debit card and pay order facilities along with discounted financing rates for auto and home finance.He said that many a reputable local and international brands are benefiting from DIBPL’s Cash Manager Account which reflects upon the success of DIBPL’s efforts in providing cash management solutions. – Brecorder