New Zealand apples to be sold in Pakistan

LONDON: A Pakistani import-export company specializing in fruits such as grapes, mangoes, apples and mandarins has entered into an agreement to sell world class Royal Gala apples produced in New Zealand in Pakistan.According to a spokesman of Delica Global, a world class supplier of premium produced based in New Zealand working together with growers from New Zealand, Australia and Americas, is now FA International’s supplier of delicious and aromatic apples.

An initial meeting between the representatives of two companies took place at Fruit Logistica (Fruit Exhibition) in Berlin earlier this year leading to a positive outcome.The Pakistani company- FA International- is  expecting the first container of Royal Gala apples containing 1176 cartons by the end of the current month.According to Vicki Kinsey of Delica Global’s marketing department, the company is excited with this new partnership and is optimistic that this business will grow in the future.She said Delica chose to start with small volumes and expects to increase capacity once working relationship is completely established on both sides.“For 2011, we will be concentrating on developing this business and we are looking forward to the possibility of bringing Red Delicious,” says Ms. Kinsey.New Zealand’s ENZA Royal Gala apples this season are of high quality with clean cosmetic appearance and high colour profile. – APP