KSE invites bids for membership rights

KARACHI: Bids for purchase of Membership Rights/Seats of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited (KSE) are invited from eligible individuals and corporate bodies, financial institutions/banks (local & foreign). Any offer, if accepted shall be subject to terms and conditions and membership criteria of the KSE. Bids may be sent under sealed envelope marked as ‘Bid for Membership Rights’ addressed to Managing Director of KSE and should reach latest by May 5, 2011 alongwith Pay-Order for advance payment of 10 percent against amount offered and drawn in favor of KSE. In case of non-acceptance of offer, such amount shall be refunded. Applicants selected for membership will have to pay balance amount within 5 working days from date of demand by KSE, failing which advance payment will be forfeited by the KSE. – Dailytimes