Brazil envoy asks Pak businessmen to benefit from his country’s market

KARACHI: Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan, Alfredo Leoni, has called upon the Pakistani businessmen to venture into  the growing consumer market of his country. Addressing the members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and  Industry (KCCI) during his visit to the Chamber here on Thursday, he said that Brazil was already importing several items including textile, surguical items, soccer balls from Pakistan.

“But there is plenty of room for improvement to boost bilateral business relations,” he maintained.The Brazilian ambassador said that major export to Pakistan include sugar, cotton, plastic, iron and steel products.He said during the year 2010, Brazil had exports worth dollars 201 billion and imports of dollars 181 billion.“Brazil contributed dollars 1.2 million  in cash to the flood victims of Pakistan last year,” the ambassador pointed out.  In his address, KCCI President Saeed Shafique said that bilateral trade volume between the two countries was not according to the existing potential and needs to be enhanced.He said Pakistan has huge potential to export items like sports goods, surgical items, leather products, cotton yarn, woven fabric, and rice etc.He said that at the same time, Brazilian businessmen can also invest in  Pakistan’s energy sector, food, agriculture, livestock, dairy farming,cold storage for fruits, vegetable and fisheries sector.