Pak IT industry’s web directory to be out soon

KARACHI: Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in collaboration with Pakistan Software House Associations (P@SHA) is developing a web-directory to showcase its member companies and generate more business leads for them.The web directory will be a web 2.0-based portal that will display important messages about the Pakistani IT industry and highlight its achievements. The portal will become the single most important web destination to find out more about the skills of Pakistani IT companies and their capabilities. The directory will be searchable along many dimensions including technology, industry vertical, type of solutions provided and services offered among other things.PSEB currently is in a process of gathering company information & is also recording CEO Interviews.PSEB promotes the image of the Pakistan IT industry in key markets abroad, enables trade interaction with international parties, and facilitates the entry of multi-national development and support centers in Pakistan.PSEB has initiated the process to revamp its current website. The revamped website will project the support/services that PSEB offers to IT companies/investors and appropriately address the fact that PSEB is a government funded, active advocate of the IT Industry, particularly the overseas investors. The revamped site will adequately outline/market the incentives and services provided by PSEB.PSEB is a government agency mandated to promote Pakistan’s IT Industry. The IT Industry holds great promise as an engine of economic growth, earner of foreign exchange and creator of jobs. A major initiative of PSEB is to facilitate business development and sales for its companies. In today’s connected economic world, effective web presence is a must for any entity doing business internationally. To facilitate effective marketing, sales and business development for its member companies, PSEB wants to build an effective web 2.0 based member directory and portal.The third part of this project is to develop short whitepapers on certain industry verticals. Examples of such industry verticals are eHealthcare, Financial Services, Gaming and Animation, BPO and Enterprise Application Development etc. These whitepapers will summarize the capability of Pakistani IT companies in these areas, summarise the problems that have been solved in this industry vertical and mention significant initiatives – Dailytimes