Group art show at Rohtas 2, ‘Encounter’, impresses guests

LAHORE: A group show of seven artists, titled ‘Encounter’, was held at the Rohtas 2 Art Gallery on Monday.The interesting collections of the seven young artists were well received by the guests.The artists included Aamir Habib, Ammad Tahir, Filza Ahmad, Madiha Bano, Noor Yousaf, Seher Naveed and Sivim Naqvi.“I have seen many art forms but these young people have not only presented art in an appealing way, but it has also made us smile,” said a visitor. She said that the work of different minds put together gives a unique view and the young artists had certainly carved a niche with their art.The element of humour is evident in the work of these artists, which is rare, said a visitor, Madiha Ghauri. “Some of the paintings here reflect common logic thought by us when we come across routine matters,” she said.Another visitor, Humera, said that the perception of the artists was very interesting and their approach to execute their ideas was marvellous. She said that such concepts not only made us smile, but they were also the true depiction of questions that go through our minds at different times. The show would continue until February 2 – Dailytimes