ZTBL announces half year rates of return

ISLAMABAD: Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) has declared the rates of return of different types of deposits for the half year from  July to December, 2010. According to a statement issued by the bank, following are the rates of return of different types of deposits.

Type of Deposits                          Rates of Return

PLS Saving Accounts                       5.00%p.a
Business Deposit Account                  5.00% p.a

PLS Terms Deposits
03 Months h)                              5.10% p.a
06 Months                                 5.20% p.a
12 Months                                 5.30% p.a
24 Months                                 5.60% p.a
36 Months                                 5.80% p.a
48 Months                                 6.10% p.a
60 Months & above                         6.40% p.a

Rozana Bachat Account (Fixed)
i)     Less than Rs.10,000.               5.00%p.a
ii)    Rs.10,001 to Rs.100,000.           6.00%p.a
iii)   Rs.100,001 to Rs.500,000.          7.00%p.a
iv)    Rs.500,001 to Rs.5,000,000.        8.00%p.a
v)     Rs.5,000,001 to Rs.10,000,000.     9.00%p.a
vi)    Rs.10,000,001/- and above.         10.00%p.a

Mustaqbil Mehfooz deposit (Fixed).   5.00%p.a
Zarai Terra Deposit Certificate (Fixed three years) Profit Rate of
Premature withdrawals of ZTDC.

Deposit Period
i)         Less than 3 months                   Nil
ii)        3 moths & before 6 months            1.5%
iii)       6 months & before 12 months          2.0%
iv)       12 months & before 18 months          2.50%
v)        18 months & before 24 months          3.00%
vi)       24 months & before 30 months          3.50%
vii)      At completion of 36 months            5.00%

Zarai Munafa Term Deposit Certificate (Fixed)   10.50%p.a
MRFDA-Minfa Revolving Fund Deposit Account      7.50%p.a
MSSDA- Minfa Special Saving Deposit Account     7.50%p.a