World’s longest table seats 2,700 for lunch

The 1,760 metre-long spread was laid on in Bosco, near Parma in northern Italy for 2,700 diners – and the record bid is now being examined by Guinness World Records officials.

As well as the table itself, which ran for over a mile through the sunlit countryside from Bosco to nearby Borzano, the dinner also required a tablecloth 1,800 metres in length. Impressively, the whole thing was set up with just 20 days planning, after a bet between friends took on a life of its own.

‘We wanted to organise a really special lunch, and we’ll give all the money we raised to the local hospital Madonna dell’Uliveto,’ said organiser Laurenti Marastoni.

‘It was a great lunch – even if the waiter service was a little bit slow,’ commented one rather picky guest. – Metro