Food export surge by 41.32 percent

ISLAMABAD, Aug 26 (APP): The food exports form the country during food group exports from the country surged by 41.32 percent in July as compared to the same month of last year. Food exports were recorded at US$293.077 million in July 2010 against the exports of US$207.81 in July 2009, according to data released by Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS). As compared to the exports of US$277.976 million in June 2010, food exports in July 2010 increased by 5.43 percent.

The food items that witnessed positive growth in exports included rice (63.45 percent), fish and fish preparations (120.21 percent), vegetables (68.91 percent) and meat and meat preparations (65.51 percent).
The items that showed negative growth in exports included fruits (0.99 percent), tobacco (46.60 percent), wheat (100 percen) spices (6.20 percent), oil seed, nuts and kenerals (95.83 percent and all other food items (27.68 percent).
On the other hand, exports of petroleum group increased by 8.27 percent by going up from US$57.705 in July 2009 to US$62.478 in July 2010, the data revealed.
However, the exports of other manufactures group decreased by 2.95 percent during the month under review.
The textile exports surged by 22.90 percent in July as against the same period of last year. Textile exports during July 2010 were recorded at $985.858 million against the exports of US$802.139 million during July 2009.
As compared to June 2010, exports during July 2010 increased by 6.94 percent, the data revealed adding the textile exports during June were recorded at US$921.858 million – APP