23 SOEs on privatisation list

ISLAMABAD: For the privatisation process of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), 23 entities are on the active list and in line with the concept of public-private partnership (PPP) mode, spokesman for the Privatisation Commission (PC) said on Tuesday. He said the process is underway to turn around these entities and add value to these national assets before taking them to the market.

Referring to PC functions, the spokesman said the impression created through the news item for no work, is totally undermining the revolutionary Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme (BESOS). “This is the hallmark of the present government for empowering the workers of SoEs for creating a sense of responsibility through ownership and to have their direct say in decisions of the respective boards of the entities. BESOS will benefit more than 200,000 workers of more than 55 entities through respective BESOS trusts established in these entities. As regard to the BESOS publicity through print and electronic media, the scribe himself confirmed in his story that it was designed to create awareness among the workers of the SOEs, which has been widely lauded by all stakeholders as this was in the best interest of the public and the expenditure incurred on the publicity was in accordance with the PC law with all respective approvals at the level of the PC board, which has authorised PC for the task. – Dailytimes