Over 200 dairy products, machinery, agri inputs to face 15% RGST

ISLAMABAD: Farmers Association of Pakistan (FAP) on Thursday handed over 200 agriculture items, inputs and supplies that would be subjected to 15% Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) after approval of the legislation from the National Assembly. The list of items was handed over to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance, which met for consecutive second day to hear the public petitions from the trade and industry on proposed RGST legislation.Agriculture machinery: Some 26 types of agriculture machinery will face 15% RGST including agriculture diesel engines 1 to 36 HP, cool chain machinery and equipments, harrow, laser land levelers, machines for horticulture and floriculture 13 items, other 16 types of agriculture capital goods and machinery for agro-based dairy, para plough and sub-soilers, ploughs pre fabricated green hoses, rice whitener, road tractors, rotavators, seeders, all agriculture implements notified by the government, all types of mist blowers, all types of sprayers, disc for agriculture ploughs, imported agriculture machinery locally manufactured machinery for post harvesting (5 items), machinery locally manufactured machinery for irrigation, drainage (6 items), machinery locally manufactured machinery seeding or planting (7 items), machinery locally manufactured machinery tillage and seed beds (19 items), supply of ware potatoes and onions, tractors, bulldozers, combined harvesters, cotton picker, pullers, root or tuber harvesters, sprinklers high efficiency, straightening machines, sugar cane harvesters, tractor mounted ditcher, vegetable grading, cleaning and sorting machines.
Dairy and Livestock: The sector will face 15% RGST on fish or shrimp farming, butter, cheese, desi ghee, fat filled milk, milk cream, fish and crustaceans and mollusks aquatic invertebrates, fish meal, frozen and prepared sausages, milk including flavored milk, poultry feed, cattle feed including their ingredients, rape seed meal sunflower meal, soybean meal, rice bran, sesame meal, sesame cake, un-cooked poultry meat, yogurt, hallal offals, wheat bran, dairy machines, milk chillers and milking machines, veterinary equipments and haymaking and bailing machines.Agriculture: The agri sector will face 15% RGST on supply of sugarcane and sugar beat, cotton seed, tunnel farming, agriculture produce not subjected to further process, cotton seeds, food stuff cooked, prepared in house and served in masses, guar meal, oil seeds meant for sowing, other cereals, 76 types of pesticides, seeds, fruit, spores of a kind used for solving.Storage: Poultry, livestock sheds, grain storage silo for poultry, green house farming Geo-Synthetic films, machinery for grain handling and storage will bear the brunt of RGST.Fertilisers: According to a list of FAP, 15% RGST will be applicable on ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate mixture with calcium carbonate for other inorganic, ammonium sulphate, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, animal fertilizers, crude fertilizers, mineral fertilizers with potassium, composite non-chemical fertilizers, mixture of urea and ammonia, other mineral fertilizers with nitrate and phosphates, sulphur all kinds and urea fertiliser – Dailytimes