ALAM cotton mills gets Usterized certificate

Francis Benoit, and Rauf of Uster Technologies, AG, Switzerland gave Usterized Certificate to Director, Mian Faraz Alam and Mian Hamad Alam of Alam Cotton Mills on their visit to the Textile Mills here on Tuesday. Alam Cotton Mills is one of the five Textile Mills in Pakistan to have this certification.In addition to state of the art machinery set up installed at their textile mills, they are also COM 4 licensees from Rieter, Switzerland and ISO 9002 certified. Alam Cotton Mills is engaged in the production of 100 percent Cotton carded, combed and COM 4 Compact Usterized Yarn, which ensures constant quality with consistency. Alam Cotton Mills is among the only 36 textile mills in the world to have attained Usterized Certifications – Brecorder