Exports surge by over 21 percent during 1st quarter

ISLAMABAD: Exports form Pakistan in rupees term increased 21.05 percent during the first quarter of the current fiscal year as against the same period of last year.Exports during July-September (2010-11) were recorded at Rs.443,443 million as against Rs.366,325 million during the corresponding period of last year showing an increase of 21.05 percent, according to the provisional figures provided by Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS).Exports during the month of September 2010 amounted to Rs.138,893 million as against Rs. 151,678 million  in August 2010 and Rs.124,933 million during September 2009, showing a decrease of 8.43 percent over August, 2010, and an increase of 11.17 percent over September, 2009.main commodities of exports during September, 2010 were Cotton cloth (Rs.15,831 million), Knitwear (Rs.15,320 million), Bedwear (Rs.13,187 million), Cotton yarn (Rs.10,478 million), readymade garments (Rs.10,172 million), Rice others (Rs.5,006 million), Jewellary (Rs.4,950 million), Rice basmati (Rs.4,719 million), Art, silk & synthetic textile (Rs.4,614 million) and Towels (Rs.4,484 million).
On the other hand imports during July -September, 2010 totalled Rs.773,077 million as against Rs.626,129 million during the corresponding period of last year showing an increase of 23.47 percent.
Imports September, 2010 amounted to Rs.238,469 million as against Rs.257,680 million in August, 2010 and Rs.200,431 million during September, 2009, showing a decrease of 7.46 percent over August, 2010 and an increase of 18.98 percent over September, 2009.
Main commodities of imports during September, 2010 were Petroleum products (Rs.31,110 million), Palm oil (Rs.13,650 million), Petroleum crude (Rs.12,580 million), Sugar (Rs.9,616 million), Plastic materials (Rs.9,473 million), Iron and steel (Rs.8,685 million), Electrical machinery and apparatus (Rs.6,458 million) Iron and steel scrap (Rs.5,618 million), Power generating machinery (Rs.5,248 million) and Medicinal products (Rs.4,568 million) – App