Investment in textile, hydro power generation in next two years: Sweden wants to help Pakistan

Swedish ambassador to Pakistan Ulrika Sundberg on Tuesday said that her government wants to invest millions of euros in major sectors including textile and hydro power generation in next two years in an effort to help Pakistan to overcome energy deficit and bolster export between the two countries.Speaking in a roundtable on Nordic countries on Tuesday, arranged by Global Studies, she said that Sweden is also considering to help Pakistan in reconstruction of flood-hit areas of Pakistan which left nearly 20 million people displaced. “We want the government of Pakistan to identify the sectors in which the Sweden can help them,” she said.She maintained that her government was waiting the results of the damage need assessment report of the World Bank after which it will be clear that in which areas we can help the government. Meanwhile, ambassadors of three Nordic countries Denmark, Finland and Norway also addressed the status of their respective countries in Nordic countries.Ambassador of Denmark Uffe Wolffhechel said that Nordic countries, its population is about 30 million, cannot to compare with Pakistan. He said his dream was to involve young entrepreneurs to establish business ventures in each others’ countries and he as an ambassador would provide every possible support to them. Responding to a question, he observed that all the problems confronted by Pakistan would solved if it eradicates the menace of corruption and ensures judicious distribution of aid money among the flood victims.

Ambassador of Finland Osmo Lipponen said statistics revealed that import from Finland to Pakistan was only 1.11 percent. But these in put statistic did not tell our factories producing mobile phone in Hungry, building power stations in Italy and other consumer goods in China coming into Pakistani market. “I am pretty sure Wilson Finland has set up its manufacturing plant here, which is a step forward to further encourage bilateral investment between the two countries,” he said.”The Finland is known as ‘considered leader’ in other Nordic countries in technology development. For instant, he added, Finland is providing technical assistance to EU on 4th generation wind power technology project after finishing working on second and third power generation,” he said. Pakistan and Finland are enjoying cordial relation and we are supporting Pakistan according to UN policies, he said.

Replying to a question regarding Islam-phobia, he said that his country believes in tolerance and modernism in many ways. Ambassador of Norway Robert Kvile said his country had been member of Nato since its inception but never allowed the foreign military bases or use of nuclear weapons against any country. “We have 11.3 percent immigrants against the total population, of which 3 percent (1,60,000) are Muslims,” he said.He said that so for bilateral trade between the two countries picture was bleak. Last year, trade volume was 84 million dollars, which was largely in favour of Norway. The Norwegian had contributed 66 million dollars in kinds and goods to flood affected people, he said.

The roundtable was attended by former information and broadcasting minister Sherry Rehman, former Senator Sadia Abbasi and editors and anchors of print and electronic media. Former Senator Enver Baig, who is chairman of the Global Studies welcomed the distinguish guests – Brecorder