MoIP operations ‘outsourced’ to a Minister’s close relatives, friends

ISLAMABAD:The Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP) has reportedly “outsourced” most of its operations to a group headed by a close relative of a Federal Minister, and one travel agent. Both these powerful influential brokers finalise the deals with the private sector, from award of tenders to other contracts with the connivance of at least one official in each target organisation/corporation.Three corporations–Utility Stores Corporation (USC), NFC and NIFL–are among those organisations which are being ‘informally’ controlled by these ‘influentials’.The Minister’s close relative is an employee of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), whereas the travel agent is a ‘close friend’. According to information gathered from sources close to the Minister for Industries and Production, Hazar Khan Bijarani, USC is being controlled by three men ie a close relative of a Federal Minister, a travel agent, and a general manager who was sacked by the former Managing Director of USC, Brigadier Hafeez Ahmad (retired), an officer of good repute.

However, the incumbent Secretary of Industries, Abdul Ghaffar Soomro reinstated the General Manager on the formal recommendation of incumbent USC Managing Director, Arif Khan. According to sources, the reinstated General Manager has been given four profitable caps–USC project, public relations, planning and development and MIS.Insiders say that officers who refuse to accommodate illegal verbal directives are transferred. An example is the removal of General Manager Finance USC who cleared bills and scrutinised commodities supply contracts from private parties, and was replaced with an inexperienced official – Brecorder